Happy Fall Adopt a Yorkie

We LOVE it when miracles happen!

Our dog adoptions are especially rewarding when we're able give a rescue dog a chance to have a happy ever after! 

Success Stories

Logan - A Small Miracle

Logan was surrendered into NC Yorkie Rescue, Inc. by his owner whose only alternative, for the sake of Logan’s quality of life, was to euthanize him.  Logan was suffering from Demodectic mange.  It is very serious mange that can be easily cured, but Logan’s was generalized and his immune system was compromised.  He was covered from head to toe and if he became stressed, the tiny sores on his body would start to bleed.  They would eventually scab over and made him look and feel horrible.  Logan did not appear to have a chance and also was at a great risk of losing his eyesight when his eyes continued to become infected.


One of our members took him on as her foster and started working diligently on this little guy.  She took him to her vet and he was prescribed and endured many medicated baths, a regimen of strong antibiotics and Ivermectin to help stop the mange.  Logan became known as our “Brave Little Soldier” who kept on fighting; enduring the stinging pain of the medicated baths along with his medications.  But, in the end, the results speak for themselves.  And to give this amazing story a fantastic ending – the veterinarian who treated Logan adopted him because of his determined spirit and strength.


Happy Gets a Home

This is Happy.  

He came from the hills deep in NC and was discarded because of the unsightly tumor on his face.  No one would touch him, so, NC Yorkie Rescue decided to take a chance on this sweet little guy – named Happy because whenever he got excited, he would start moving his feet in a dancing manner.  


He lived up to his name and still does.  The tumor was very unusual and would be difficult and costly to remove and the result could be worse, possibly causing problems with his eye, but, our veterinarian pulled it off successfully, and the results speak for themselves!!