Happy Fall Adopt a Yorkie

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to adopt a dog?

It can take a few weeks up to several months and depends many things, including:  the dogs we have available and  whether we feel the dog you are interested in would be a good match for you and your family.  On average, we receive 30 applications for every dog that enters our rescue program.  

How do you care for your rescue intakes?

Our rescue dogs come to our organization in various conditions with most needing basic veterinary care and some needing more extensive medical intervention.  Prior to adoption, each dog will have had the following veterinary services:  vaccinations, parasite & heartworm prevention, microchipped, spayed/neutered, dental cleaning (if needed) and grooming.

What are your adoption fees?

The adoption fee for each dog is largely dependent on the age, health condition and whether it is a purebred or mix.  Our fees range according the following schedule:

  • Puppies < 1 year:  $400 - $800
  • Young dogs 2 to 7 yrs: $300 - $500
  • Seniors 7 yrs + $100 - $400
  • Bonded pairs:  $400 to $800

Why are adoption fees higher for puppies and lower for seniors?

The higher adoption fees for our rescue puppies offset the high expense of caring for the many sick, injured and senior dogs that come into our care every week. 

There is a high demand for puppies in our rescue and we receive dozens of applications for each one.  Therefore, the higher adoption fee is justified by their  life expectancy and lower cost of care for the adopting owner.   Prospective adopters for our older and special needs dogs often have to continue to provide costly care which we offset with a lower adoption fee.  

What does the adoption fee cover?

In most cases, the adoption fee that you pay covers the cost of bringing an adoptable dog back to good health.  Basic veterinary services such as vaccinations, exams and medications can cost between $200 to $500 per dog.  

Dogs with extreme medical needs bring higher costs to the rescue.  Your adoption fee offsets our cost of caring for your new pet while he/she is in rescue.  In most cases, a new adopter pays less in adoption fees than we pay in taking care of a dog prior to adoption.  Donations cover our remaining dog care expenses.  Our Board members and volunteers receive no compensation for their work for NCYR.  

Why hasn't anyone contacted me?

We are staffed by a small group of part-time volunteers.  Due to the number of phone calls, emails and applications we receive we cannot respond to each inquiry.  

We review every application submitted to us within 48 hours. We will respond by email within 7 days that we have received your application.  If you have submitted an adoption application and have not received a response it means any of the following:

  •  You have not completed all steps of the application process.  Many people forget to send their photos to NCYRphotos@gmail.com after submitting an application.  
  • Currently, we have no dogs that would be a good match based on the information provided in your application.
  • The dog you are interested in is no longer available.  Check our website for current dogs in our program.